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Shaun Dallas Dance

Strategic Planning

About Shaun Dallas Dance

Shaun Dallas Dance is a certified executive leadership coach based in Richmond, Virginia, and serves as the President and CEO of The DDance Group. 

Through his business – and with certifications in strategic planning –  Dallas helps people unpack the problem that they’re trying to solve by uncovering the root of the issue. If there’s an aspect of your life that you can’t control, you can’t change it; you need to target the actionable areas surrounding the problem. If you want to change an aspect of your life, you need to examine how it came to be and why you want to make the change now. 

As a leader and a strategic planner, Dallas has always been passionate about problem-solving. When it comes to solving a problem in business, you need to solve it through the people; that’s the foundation of his business, The DDance Group. Everything comes back to people – do we have the right people in the role? Do we know how to adjust our strategy for success? By focusing on self-leadership, Dallas is able to help people solve the problem they’re actually trying to solve. Often, the solution boils down to fixing the leadership aspects – both professional and personally – as well as the emotional leadership of others.

When it comes to his career in strategic planning, Shaun Dallas Dance knows that empathy is one of the most crucial skills you can have at your disposal. Above all else, people are still people first and foremost. Until you build a relationship with them, nothing else is going to matter. Dallas knows that he needs to spend time getting to know each client, understanding what works and what doesn’t work for that person. By understanding what’s going on in his clients’ lives and acknowledging it, he can learn how best to push them towards their goals. 

Dallas’s interests in leadership began in elementary school when he served as class president and continued through high school, where he continued to run for roles and hold positions as chair and co-chair whenever he could. Now, his focus is on leadership development, emotional intelligence, personality, and other developmental areas. 

Shaun Dallas Dance earned his doctoral degree in educational leadership as well as his master’s degree in administration and supervision from Virginia Commonwealth University. Previously, he earned his bachelor’s degree in English from Virginia Union University. 

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